Pak Sheung Chuen: Nightmare Wallpaper 140928 – 190701

Nightmare Wallpaper 140928 – 190701 is an exhibition catalogue published by Hong Kong art space, Para Site.


Pak Sheung Chuen started developing the project Nightmare Wallpaper in 2014, in response to the political impasse in Hong Kong. I first collaborated with him on the project for an exhibition at Para Site in 2017, which was followed by a new iteration in Taipei in 2019. The focus of both exhibitions were his observations from various court cases involving political activists who were being prosecuted by the Hong Kong government. Such observations transformed into multiple narratives through wallpaper, drawings, archives, and objects. — Freya Chou

The book Nightmare Wallpaper 140928 – 190701 seeks to reduce the vast tapestry of Pak’s complex narratives into a narrow sequence that simultaneously frames the exhibition in a wider context. It consists of five chapters, including Pak’s interpretation of court cases related to the Umbrella Movement and the Mong Kok riots, selected writing from his column in Sunday Ming Pao, and corresponding letters with a prison inmate. The wide range of writing and materials in this book serve as an invitation to enter Pak’s aesthetic pilgrimage and provide multiple perspectives of his transformation. Through long and repetitive acts of self-diagnosis and self-healing, Pak begins this journey in a state of depression, which left him devoid of enthusiasm to work, but he eventually regains the energy to return and become an active agent within society. 


Edited by Freya Chou
Designed by Firenze Lai
Published by Para Site

Language: Bilingual (English, Chinese)
Format: Hardcover, 531 pages
Dimensions: 127 x 182 mm
Edition: First
ISBN-13: 9789881987501
Publication Date: 2017