Slow Burn Books is an online bookshop dedicated to connecting Asian artists, writers and publishers with international audiences. 

Founded at the cusp of a global pandemic, Slow Burn Books launched at the NGV Melbourne Art Book Fair in 2020 and have since participated in abC Art Book Fair (China), Tokyo Art Book Fair (Japan) and PERMANENT Art Book Fair (Sydney). This small and passionate business is about connecting Melbourne’s creative communities with our regional neighbours, dedicated to making Asia-Pacific artist books and publications more accessible in Australia and vice versa.

Slow Burn Books is co-founded by Nikki Lam and Scott Heinrich, who together share a passion for contemporary art, new media, design, architecture and everything in between. Nikki is a Hong Kong-born artist-curator and Scott is a designer, video director and creative producer. Together they report to Cibi, a ‘smol’ tabby cat who enjoys fabric hardcovers of art books and keeps our studio cat friendly at all times.