Cao Fei: A Hollow In A World Too Full

Cao Fei is among the most internationally renowned contemporary artists of her generation. Her first major solo exhibition in Hong Kong centres around the newly commissioned work Prison Architect. Comprised of a film, installations, and sculptures, the work subtly spreads throughout the three floors of Tai Kwun Contemporary’s exhibition spaces. Inspired by the sombre historical material of Victoria Prison and shot with downtown Central as backdrop, the new work conceives of a scenario where “an architect hesitantly accepts an invitation to design a prison”. In the film, the two protagonists each entertain imaginations and personal experiences of imprisonment in two parallel realities (one of the present day and the other of an ambiguous past). This cross-temporal-spatial dialogue reflects the artist’s contemplations on our relationship with the world.

A Hollow In A World Too Full was originally published by Tai Kwun to coincide with an exhibition of the same name.

Written and Edited by Cao Fai

Title: A Hollow In A World Too Full
Language: English
Format: Softcover, 160x160mm