Another Day in Paradise 第一富強

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Another Day in Paradise 第一富強 is a photobook by Hong Kong photographer, Wingla Wong.

In 2018 two friends, Wingla Wong and her friend Rita, travelled to mainland China — with Wingla Wong taking photographs of Rita during their journey.

Another Day in Paradise 第一富強 reflects and explores the duality of modern life, with complex pairings such as city/countryside, youth/decay and, more specifically, Hong Kong/China.

The photobook also displays Wingla Wong’s exceptional eye for a sensual female eroticism.

Photography by Wingla Wong
Published by Soft D Press

Language: English
Format: Softcover, 80 pages
Dimensions: 260 x 220 mm
Edition: First Edition
ISBN-13: 9789887853602
Full Title: Another Day in Paradise 第一富強
Publication Date: 2019