AFTERSHOCK: Essays from Hong Kong

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In a series of forceful, introspective essays, 11 young journalists examine a city transformed beyond recognition.

All-new writing from Holmes Chan, Karen Cheung, Elaine Yu, Sum Lok-kei, Rachel Cheung, Hsiuwen Liu, Ezra Cheung, Nicolle Liu, Jessie Pang and two anonymous contributors.

In 2019, these journalists were at the frontlines of Hong Kong's historic protest movement: You've probably read their coverage on news outlets like the New York Times, Reuters, CNN, the South China Morning Post, Hong Kong Free Press, and many more.

Now they bring their unique perspectives to AFTERSHOCK. You will join these writers as they try to find meaning in chaos, revisiting key moments last year that profoundly changed the city — and themselves. Like every Hongkonger, they too must confront their experiences and come to terms with a new reality.

Observant, incisive, and above all honest, these essays delve into the complexities hidden behind familiar headlines. For both local and international readers, AFTERSHOCK presents much-needed voices to expand — and at times challenge — our understanding of what it means to live in Hong Kong today.

Published by Small Tune Press
Designed by BTRX PNG
Cover Artwork by Jeffrey Yeung

Language: English
Format: Softcover, 100 pages
Dimensions: W11.5 x H18cm
ISBN-13: 9789887734574
Full Title: AFTERSHOCK: Essays from Hong Kong
Publication Date: 2020