Also-Space, From Hot to Something Else


Also-Space, From Hot to Something Else is an art book, written by Reinaart Vanhoe.

Focusing on Indonesian art collective ruangrupa, and to a lesser degree a number of other Indonesian artists and initiatives, Also-Space, From Hot to Something Else offers readers a case study of how Indonesian artists organise and manifest themselves individually as well as collectively. Although contemporary art in Indonesia is completely integrated within the global art discourse, the fundamental context of Indonesian artists is in fact quite different from that of the contemporary Western artistic practice, in which notions of individuality and "autonomy" play a key role. This perspective, at least in its current manifestation, is based on a neo-liberal worldview focused more or less entirely on the pursuit of individual success.

However, what is often missing from this perspective is an awareness of local networks, and a contextual (as opposed to purely conceptual) way of thinking and acting. Indonesian artists’ initiatives, on the other hand, tend to think and work from the perspective of the communities of which they are already a part.


Written by Reinaart Vanhoe
Designed by Koos Siep
Published by Onomatopee

Language: English
Format: Softcover, 96 pages
Dimensions: 240 x 170 mm
Edition: First
ISBN-13: 9789491677595
Full Title: Also-Space, From Hot to Something Else: How Indonesian Art Initiatives Have Reinvented Networking
Publication Date: 2016