Kayla Lui: Dailongfeng Restaurant 大龍鳳酒家


Dailongfeng Restaurant 大龍鳳酒家 is a bilingual graphic novel by Hong Kong artist, Kayla Lui.

大龍鳳 Dailongfeng (daai6 lung4 fung6) translates to “Gigantic Dragon and Phoenix”, a common name for traditional Chinese restaurants and a Cantonese idiom meaning to create a spectacle/ hoax.

This is a weird comic where foodie meets horror. Set up in an imaginary Chinese restaurant run by stars, eight very different guests gather to share cuisine and personal opinions around the dining table. What happens when different palates clash? Expect table talk, backdoor drama, an uninvited guest, a 5-star cooking demonstration, and tea-spilling action.

Kayla Lui came up with Dailongfeng in Feb 2020, influenced by heavy doses of socio-political news about Hong Kong, a slice of her childhood memories, and a dash of uncertainty about the future (plus existential thoughts in general). This monster mash of chaotic dialogue and absurd realities with no singular interpretation.