Deacon Lui: Peace of the Graveyard

Peace of the Graveyard is a photobook by Hong Kong photographer, Deacon Lui.

Peace of the Graveyard is composed of pictures capturing the absurdity and helplessness living in Hong Kong. Images are juxtaposed and entwined to create universes that seemingly resonate with each other. Detached from linear memories, the photos would reveal our individual sentiments of paralysis and speechlessness in face of history being forcibly suppressed.


Our city has entered a ridiculous phase after the “endgame”. Ever since the first day of July that year, the sky has been clad in a green layer of haze named “Pantone 337C”, which makes people forgetful of yesterday without noticing, leading a calm but bemused life. Particles from a certain kind of smoke are still clinging in the atmosphere, unwittingly bringing tears to people’s eyes as they pass by. Various symbols sometimes appear in the streets, but get covered up real soon. — Deacon Lui


Language: Bilingual (English, Chinese)
Format: Softcover
Edition: First
Publication Date: 2021Publication Date: 2021