Down South, Outgazing Our Views


Further Reading Print No.3: Down South, Outgazing Our Views is a publication about graphic design in Southeast Asia.

Contributors include Zenobia Ahmed, Dennis Grauel and Thy Há among many others.


Further Reading Print No.3 begins with a visual abstraction on the juxtaposition of internal and external environments which constitutes a unique way of seeing. In the following pages, history, heritage, and national identities are presented through a multitude of perspectives, each from different nations and cultural backgrounds—from Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, to Indonesia. On a more personal note, the issue also features explorations on one’s sexual identity through graphic design and accounts of living in vastly different countries in the form of a weather report. Diasporic experiences are examined through a selection of books, which is then continued by an analysis of the immigrant experience in cinema studies. In its first instalment, As Viewed By looks into graphic design as a discipline through various professional perspectives, highlighting its intersections and essence as a practice. Through this diverse form of observations, we aim to shed more light on the matters pertaining to how our practices and identities intersect and interact with each other.

In our third print issue, we intend to explore the subject of graphic design, the heart of our practice. Up until now, graphic design is still very much perceived as a ‘Western-centric’ discipline, with methods of work and perspectives that are directly derived largely from the West. This situation presents us with an imperativeness to seek more into the practice of graphic design outside of the current canon, specifically in the southern parts of Asia and its neighbouring countries, where we situate our practice. This includes its unique challenges to the region, the approaches that come from its advancement, the values that its practitioners hold on to, and the condition surrounding its cultural landscape. — Januar Rianto


Edited by Januar Rianto and Almer Mikhail
Designed by Each Other Company and Diandra Galih
Published by Further Print Press

Language: Bilingual (English, Bahasa)
Format: Softcover, 188 pages, cloth bound, printed with the Risograph SF5350 on certified, environmentally-friendly paper
Dimensions: 130 × 190mm, 188 pages
Edition: First
Full Title: Further Reading Print No. 3: Down South, Outgazing Our Views
Publication Date: November 2021