Hong Kong Apothecary

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Hong Kong Apothecary is a design book written by Hong Kong author, Simon Go.

Hong Kong Apothecary transports us to the world of Chinese medicine — a place of gou (plasters), daan (pellets), yun (pills), saan (powders), leung cha (herbals teas), yau (medicinal oils), zau (wine)—cures for every known ailment from indigestion to impotency.

Author Simon Go combed manufacturers, shops, and home medicine cabinets for four years. He interviewed numerous practitioners and manufacturers of herbal medicine and collected the most compelling examples. The result is a visual cabinet of curiousities, a graphical pharmacopoeia.

Richly illustrated with over 700 graphical design motifs, this book takes us through the evolution, diversity, and creativity of Chinese medicinal packaging. Many of these medicines are no longer produced, making Hong Kong Apothecary a memoir of a rapidly disappearing culture.


Written by Simon Go
Published by MCCM Creations

Language: English
Format: Softcover, 200 pages
Dimensions: 248 x 228 mm
ISBN-13: 9789628681624
Full Title: Hong Kong Apothecary: A Visual History of Chinese Medicine Packaging 香港葫蘆賣乜藥