Leyla Stevens: Dua Dunia

Dua Dunia is an exhibition catalogue featuring Australian-Balinese artist,
Leyla Stevens.

Exhibition and catalogue alike, Dua Dunia examines the enfolding of multiple concurrent histories amidst many landscapes. Taking as a particular focus the anti-communist violence of 1965-66, Dua Dunia considers its traumatic legacies, and the manner in which time and space has grown outwards from these events; mirroring, yet obscured by, the rapid urban development that has taken place across these sites.

In reconnecting the realm of human trauma with the natural world – as the banyan tree and the missing dead hold each other in dynamic tension – this publication gently mirrors and extends Stevens' mode of inquiry as it attempts to navigate historical memory through a spectral cartography, continuing the necessary labour of re-framing Bali’s various landscapes as live, living and lived records of conflict, reconciliation, and resistance.

Mixing biography and criticism with fiction and historiography, Dua Dunia brings together texts by Rachel Ciesla, Dr Vannessa Hearman, Nur Shkembi, Stevens, Jaxon Waterhouse, and Bianca Winataputri with visual material by Stevens to form a catalogue, a tale, a gathering of the many trajectories that hold our everyday life in place.

Texts: Rachel Ciesla, Dr Vannessa Hearman, Nur Shkembi, Leyla Stevens, Jaxon Waterhouse and Bianca Winataputri
Editors: Rachel Ciesla and Jaxon Waterhouse
Design: Jack Pam

Edition of 70
64 pages
29.7 x 21 cm
ISBN 978-0-6487040-3-4