Lotus Laurie Kang; In Cascades


Accompanying the first solo exhibition in Europe by Canadian artist Lotus Laurie Kang, In Cascades brings together original and poignant material including two never-before-seen photographic series; concrete poetry by the award-winning CAConrad; an insightful and personal interview with Kang conducted by CAConrad; and an essay by Estelle Hoy, writer and author of Pisti, 80 Rue de Belleville (After 8 Books, 2020).

These contributions feature alongside original texts by the exhibition’s curator Amy Jones and Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive’s Senior Curator Victoria Sung, as well as a foreword co-authored by Zoé Whitley, Director of Chisenhale Gallery, London, and Matthew Hyland, Executive Director of Contemporary Art Gallery, Vancouver.

From genetics and family migrations to memory-conjuring foods, In Cascades is a testament to the political and emotional forces that shape a single person.


Edited by Zoé Whitley, Amy Jones and Oscar Abdulla
Text by CAConrad, Matthew Hyland, Estella Hoy, Amy Jones, Lotus Laurie Kang, Victoria Sung and Zoé Whitley
Design by Kristin Metho.
Creative direction by Billie Temple
Published by Hurtwood Press

Language: English
Format: Softcover, 200 pages
Dimensions: 300 x 235 mm
Edition: First
ISBN-13: 9780903696616
Full Title: Lotus Laurie Kang; In Cascades
Publication Date: 2023