Made in Hong Kong

This is a story about the pioneers of the Hong Kong creative advertising scene, the foundations they set in place, upon which the industry was built, and the core period which followed when creative competition, and standards, were at their peak.

The early chapters set the scene from the 1950s through 1960s. How Hong Kong first developed as an advertising market thanks to the post-war boom years, paving the way for the big international brands looking to cash in on the emerging middle class, and the big name advertising agencies which were hot on their heels.

This book features anyone who was anyone on the Hong Kong creative scene during the last 30 years, and explores some of the greatest campaigns that the territory has seen, pre and post-1997. It traces the evolution in style of creativity from the earlier, western-influenced, and expatriate-driven creativity of the 1970s and 80s, through to the emergence of a more unique, local and very Cantonese voice which preceded and followed the handover.

Finally we look to the future. To China, and to the role that Hong Kong might play in the bigger scheme of things.

This is a tribute to all those who built the industry, and features samples of long forgotten campaigns which many people had grown up with.

Written by Chris Kyme and Tommy Cheng 鄭之樂
Published by WE Press

Language: English
Format: Softcover, 250 pages
ISBN-13: 9789881326720
Publication Date: 2014