No Magic In Riso

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No Magic In Riso is a research project and riso toolkit created by Taiwanese design studio, O.OO.

The result of two years of research by O.OO, a graphic design studio based in Taipei, the main focus of this publication is colour separation and experimentation with images. The studio does not claim the colour separation methods described here to be absolute or the “right” way, but offer resources in hopes that they can provide helpful advice in practice while on the path to professionalism in this field.


It took 850 days, 74 tubes of soy ink, 15 colors, 660 masters, 690,000 sheets of paper, 3 fans, 2 riso printers, and 4 people to complete a book – a 360 page book that only talks about 1 thing. The thing that is always the most fascinating is “Process”. The processes and experiences that did not have the chance to appear in the pages of this book can only be quantified, converted, and recorded into words. — O.OO


Published by O.oo Risograph & Design

Language: English, Chinese
Format: Softcover, 360 pages, 15 colour risograph printing
Dimensions: 110mm x 180 mm
Edition: Third
ISBN-13: 9789869758802
Full Title: No Magic in Riso: A Bilingual Risograph Tool Book
Publication Date: 2022