Sim Chang: Luminophore


Luminophore is a photobook by Taiwanese artist, Sim Chang.

While Sim Chang’s incredible series photobook Luminophone can be outlined in relatively simple terms — models, immersed into the surrounding scenery, hide their faces behind portable screens — the results are astonishing. Roughly split into several parts, the book first offers a series of portrait-like situations using anime-characters’ faces to move on to wider shots of Taiwan’s landscapes and models with less expressive poses (incidentally using completely blank screens).


To a generation raised under the flicker of computer monitors, the screen reflects the transformations of one’s state of mind. It is a vessel for the virtual world and holds a part of one’s soul. — Sim Chang


Published by W.O.B Photobook Studio

Language: Multilingual (English, Japanese, Chinese)
Format: Hardcover, 120 pages
Dimensions: 297 x 218 mm
Edition: First
Publication Date: 2017