The Unappropriated Recipes

The Unappropriated Recipes is an unconventional publication celebrating Hong Kong through eighty contributions from a cross-section of the artists, curators, supporters, and collaborators who are integral to Para Site's local and international community. Each of them, whether they have spent their entire lives in Hong Kong, or just a mere few days was invited to submit a personal recipe that includes an ingredient specific to Hong Kong, leading to a broad array of personal experiences, experiments, perceptions, interventions, and reactions to Hong Kong -- wildly varied tastes of our city, highlighting its diverse cuisine and culture.

Edited by Olivia Chow
Designed by Katrina Regino
Published by Para Site

Title: The Unappropriated Recipes
ISBN-13: 9789881987587
Language: English and Chinese
Format: Hardcover, 206pp, 235 x 290 mm