Water Refuge


Water Refuge is an artist book by visual artist, Wei Weng.

Exploring notions of primal kinship, Water Refuge seeks to connect the artist’s temporary home (Denmark) with her subject (swimmers), the material economy, and the ethereal ocean mother.

Operating between her home studio and urban waterside, Wei Weng has documented the ritual of open sea swimmers.

On one hand, Wei Weng transforms household waste and found objects by using traditional lacquer techniques such as egg shell inlay and fabric binding. On the other hand, she follows and engages the mental world of swimmers through a collaborative storytelling.

The infusion of Danish and Chinese literary concepts in the book Water Refuge convey deeper humanistic values that binds land-bound human’s longing for Ocean Mother’s embrace.


Photography and Text by Wei Weng
Designed by Jan Rosseel

Language: English
Format: Softcover, 152 pages
Dimensions: 130 x 180 mm
Edition: First
ISBN: 9788797261316
Publication Date: June 2023