White Fungus: Issue 13

White Fungus is an arts magazine and publishing platform based in Taiwan.

White Fungus #13 was released in San Francisco with events at Kadist Art Foundation and the Lab, while White Fungus was the magazine in residence at Kadist. The issue begins with the essay / fiction hybrid “The First Woman on Mars” by Science Fiction author Ron Drummond, a “thought experiment” that proposes an original Mars settlement scenario. For the release of this issue at Kadist, Drummond was joined by Kim Stanley Robinson to discuss the implications of the human push into space and the effort to colonize Mars. Drummond’s provocative prose is followed by Tessa Laird’s “In Praise of Bats, Our Exquisite Winged-Kin”, in which the author elucidates upon her love affair with bats while addressing misconceptions of the wondrous creatures in popular culture. Nicolas Trezzi, US editor of Flash Art, explores the Indonesian art scene by profiling six key artists. White Fungus editor Ron Hanson writes a personal account of the Taipei art scene. Kurt Gottschalk writes about the composer Robert Ashley. The issue also contains articles about Taiwan sound artist Hong Kai-wang and new music baritone Thomas Buckner. There are articles about the artist Tony Martin and the Wellington Media Collective (1978-1998). There are fashion spreads by Clara Chon and Richard Orjis, and a comic by Tim Bollinger.

Title: White Fungus Magazine: Issue 13
Language: English
Format: Softcover