Zou Mat Je: Issue One

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Zou Mat Je (做乜嘢) is a new multilingual zine from a group of Cantonese-speaking writers and artists.

Zou Mat Je: Issue One explores what it means to be part of the Cantonese diaspora, to be connected to and part of many cultures around the world. It hopes to broach complex negotiations with colonialism, imperialism, and cosmopolitanism, in a way that allows for both critical reflection and healing.

The zine seeks to promote the creative and critical works of Cantonese artists and writers, and to showcase their talent, experiences, and expressions of self.

Published in Spring 2021, each copy of Zou Mat Je: Issue One is uniquely patterned with illustrated stickers — no two copies are the same.

Contributors include Miriam Wei Wei Lo, Emily Ng, Helen Yeung, Kaitlin Chan, Glary Wu, Sarah Yeung (楊静雯), Katherine Chang, Claudia Yang (楊彥藍), Wandy Cheng (鄭婉婷) and Stephanie Yu.

Edited by Zou Mat Je
Designed by Desmond Tan
Cover artwork by Alina Tang

Language: English, Chinese
Format: Softcover
Full Title: Zou Mat Je: Issue One
Publication Date: 2021
Edition: First